AMP WorldMusic is run by a small, dedicated team, led by Brian Dewhurst, a man of vast experience in the agency, management and promotions field. His work on the folk, roots and acoustic music scene spans many years, representing innumerable artistes and promoting live performances in many countries.

Jane Dewhurst is head of administration and accounting and is the initial contact point for prospective performers seeking representation.

Representation, local, national and international promotion, television and radio performance, provision of session musicians, touring schedules, recording sessions and a myriad of organisational requirements; in fact, all logistical and performance related details - they're all handled professionally and efficiently by AMP WorldMusic's committed staff, supported by the knowledge and guidance of Brian Dewhurst.

As well as his membership of the National Executive Committee of the Entertainments Agency Council, which included a term as Chair of the Northern branch, Brian Dewhurst also has the experience of 30 years as a professional musician to call upon. He has performed in at least 22 different countries, has 12 albums and many other collaborative recordings to his name and has made frequent appearances on national and international television and radio. His numerous festival appearances, in addition to that of performer, have also seen him on other stages as concert compere. He also has first-hand experience of the recording industry and in the organisation of folk and roots music clubs and concert venues.

When put together, this amazing gamut of personal experience gives AMP WorldMusic an enormous advantage over other agencies. Most representation for performers is restricted to the limits of the agency and its staff, but AMP WorldMusic is able to cater for all aspects of a performer's contract, even the smallest (but usually vital) details that are so often forgotten. Having been part of the international music scene for so many years, Brian Dewhurst gives AMP WorldMusic its convincing authority as an informed and concientious agency, providing a level of management, representation and promotion befitting a major force of influence on the folk, roots and acoustic music scene. With countless contacts at local, national and international level, in printed media, television, radio and recording, AMP WorldMusic have an enviable record of touring artistes of calibre throughout the world.