About AMP WorldMusic

AMP WorldMusic is a management and promotions agency, offering specialist representation and global work placement for the folk, roots and acoustic music industry. Based in the UK, their vast experience allows them to embrace the complete spectrum of ethno-diversity found in the present-day roots music of the British Isles, whilst at the same time putting artistes from many other countries into select international live music venues across the world. Working closely with other international promoters, AMP WorldMusic is uniquely placed to facilitate the growth and popularity of folk, roots and acoustic music from different cultures, to audiences in countries further afield.

The common thread that runs throughout AMP WorldMusic's activities, however, is the promotion of quality performance and professionalism in whatever sphere of music it happens to be. Insisting on high standards of performance ensures the accurate placing of better calibre artistes in the most appropriate international venues. Not every performer would wish, for instance, to play to the same type of audience. Performers feel comfortable in the environment that suits their individual style of performance and many would be understandably disconcerted to find themselves in an unsuitable venue, especially in a foreign country. Promoters and venue management are well aware of the type of artiste they know will be most appropriate to a specific venue and with many years of experience to draw on, AMP WorldMusic are eminently qualified to assist in striking that correct balance.

Another equally strong ethic emanating from AMP WorldMusic is that of offering encouragement to previously unknown, talented young performers. This, coupled with the ethno-diversity of their overall activities, puts AMP WorldMusic at the forefront of the agency, management and promotion field in not only the United Kingdom, but throughout folk, roots and acoustic music worldwide.

Artistes, Agents, Managers, Promoters and Venues - all brought together with a professional and efficient ease, borne out of vast experience and a thorough knowledge of the industry in which they are operating - AMP WorldMusic knows only too well that accurately matching artiste and audience is a vital element in sustaining the roots music industry today.